Hi! I'm Rev. Dr. Cheryl Gaver, Presbyterian Minister, Presbytery Ministry Animator for the Presbyteries of Ottawa and Seaway-Glengarry, Adjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa, and Research Associate with the University of Ottawa's InterCulture Research Group.

Welcome to my website. There's lots to explore and hope you enjoy it.

About Me

Background: Born in Montréal (Québec), I moved to Ontario in 1978, eventually settling in Prescott in 2015. Having worked in multicultural environments, I became interested in world religions - particularly, how religions change as they spread from culture to culture.


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Christian Websites

As a Christian, Presbyterian minister, and Presbytery Ministry Animator, I have developed a number of websites related to my faith and my work. Read More

Miscellaneous Websites

Eclectic in my interests, I have developed a number of websites on different, non-religious topics: genealogy, numismatics, pets, and cross-cultural activities. Read More


I don't preach every Sunday but am available for pulpit supply.

Here is the link to sermons from the past two years.

Christian Miscellany

Years ago, I had a website on various Christian topics, including prayer. Thought I would put it up again, but without updating layout or content. Here is the webpage.

Collectors Research Limited

Collectors' Research (CRL) was our family numismatic firm. Specializing in minor foreign coins, CRL sold worldwide, and wrote monographs and books on a variety of numismatic topics.

The CRL website contains our ads and publications.


My genealogical website used to be hosted on rootsweb.com for free but the site is no longer free and my pages have been taken down.

Soon, I will be re-posting my pages on the Gaver, Bay, Cain, Kinsman, Lasure, Moody, and other families.

Here is the link to the My Genealogical website.


InterCulture is a group of researchers, graduate students and associate researchers, dedicated to the protection of cultures and cultural heritages.

Here is the link to the InterCulture website.


I have had pet dogs as long as I can remember. At one time, even the neighbour's cat became one of my (unofficial) pets.

The Pet website is a scrapbook of my favourite pictures and anecdotes. Enjoy!

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