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Animator Bible, Basics, & Prayer Workshops

One part of the Presbytery Animator job is the offer workshops that I either facilitate myself or organize and have others lead. The following are a list of workshops currently (2019) available.

The Bible: Translations & Versions

Why do so many translations of the Bible exist? What are the differences between them? Which ones are better than others? Which ones are authoritative?

This hands-on 3-hour workshop explores the many versions, translations and paraphrases of English Bibles that we have.
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Understanding & Interpreting the Bible

A few years ago the PCC came out with a document on how Presbyterians understand and interpret the Bible. That document triggered this 2-session workshop.

Session 1: "Understanding the Bible" looks at the history of how the Bible (both Old and New Testaments) came to be recognized as being the Word of God. This includes some discussion of when they were written, and how they came to be considered as Scripture - and why other books were excluded.

Session 2: "Interpreting the Bible" looks at the different ways people interpret the Bible and shows how faithful Christians can come up with completely different interpretations of the text. Participants will learn about the different schools of interpretation (e.g., "Conservative," "Liberal," and "Fundamentalist") and how each approaches some contemporary topics/issues without favouring one position over another.

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Grow In Your Own Faith & Faith Knowledge

Deepen Your Knowledge of the Bible
Have you ever asked yourself ...
- How do all the books fit together?
- How did we get the Bible?
- Why do people interpret it differently?
- What so many translations, versions, and paraphrases
- Which should you be using?

If so - The Bible - Translations & Versions and Understanding& Interpreting the Bible workshops will be helpful.

Christian Basics - a Web Resource

What are the basic beliefs that most Christians agree on? Have you ever tried to find a plain summary of Christian beliefs?

They're harder to find than you might think. Some material presents a monochromatic Christianity - assuming that only one position or belief system is possiblee. Other material is geared for people are already Christian and who know the basic stories. Still other material is presented in such depth that one would need a theological degree just to understand what was being said!

Which leads to my website that presents the basics of Christianity that most denominations can agree on, and hopefully, presents them simply and straightforwardly.
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Prayer Basics - a Web Resource
We are told to pray without ceasing (1 Thess. 5:16-18) - but what does this mean? How are Christians to pray?

Fundamental to Christian life, prayer is something many Christians have trouble with. Is there a right way to pray? a wrong way? What words should we use? Or avoid? How do we start a prayer life?

The Prayer website, with its examples and exercises, can be turned into a workshop.
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