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Photo from Re-Imagine Workshop

Elder Training

So your congregation has elected new elders. Congratulations! Do they know what they are expected to do? Or why certain things are done the way they are?

If so, this one-day (or two-evening) workshop may be for your elders. Topics covered include history & foundations of Eldership; Administrative & Practical dimensions; Judicial & Legal obligations; and Pastoral & Spiritual activities.

It's not just for new elders, however. Discussions and case studies are the backbone to the workshop so the workshop works best when experienced elders attend as well, and share some of their experiences.

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Appointed to Church Courts?

Representative Elder Workshop
What is a representative elder and who do they represent?

This one-day workshop deals with church governance and procedural matters while also covering key terminology that Rep Elders need to understand/use.
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Re-Imagine Your Church

This 3-sesssion workshop offers congregations an opportunity to explore where they believe God is leading them.

Through a variety of activities and brainstorming techniques, the first session looks at local congregations. Participants examine their church's history, noting positive and negative impacts it has had on them and on their communities.

The second session focuses on historical (biblical) references. Participants learn about the early church and how it saw its mission, its role in communicating the Gospel. Coming back to the present, participants then take a fresh look at what their congregation is doing and how they compare to the early church.

Time in-between the first two sessions and the last one allows participants to think about what they could be doing and where God might be calling them to be. The final session is where participants pool the ideas that have emerged and start developing plans on where they think God is leading them.

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Caring for Others?

Pastoral Care
What is pastoral visitation? Who is doing it? Why do we do it? Where do we do it? How do we do it?

If you're asking these questions, then this one-day workshop is for you. We explore:
- current practice;
- biblical foundations;
- useful techniques;
- different scenarios / case studies
before concluding with an overview to prayer in pastoral situations.
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