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Christian Education Resources

It used to be so easy. A denomination would produce a curriculum which Christian Education leaders would use. The internet, however, has changed all that. So much material is availabke - much of it free - that leaders may find it overwhelming. Where can they get good resources? How do they even know what qualifies as "good"?

Even more challenging - where do they find material to go along with whatever curriculumt they use - activities, projects, songs, maps, etc.?

This is where networking really becomes important. Here are some resources that I have found or others have suggested. Feel free to send me suggestions of material you have found! (email:

Bible Archeology

Associates for Biblical Research
The theology is literalist, but the site seems to have great pictures and other tools that teachers can use.
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Biblical Archeology Society
This organization is non-denominational and dedicated to sharing information about archeology in the Bible lands. Lots that teachers can use, including free e-books.
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Activities / Lessons Combined

Children and Worship Program
This program is "designed to immerse young children in the wonder of worship in an age-appropriate way. Influenced by the Montessori approach, the Children & Worship program involves storytelling, multi-sensory materials, wondering questions, and creative response time to help children learn about God."
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Ministry to Youth
Useful site for ministry lessons and activities for youth. Sign up for free. Their emails often include sample lessons & activities you can download.
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Share Faith Kids
This "all-in-one church worship & outreach resources" site has a special section for developing a Sunday School program "like never before." Sunday School lessons, Vacation Bible school and other products are offered.
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Stuff You Can Use
Another way to access the Grow curriculum, plus tools to "help you be more awesome".
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Bible Maps / Bible Times

Bible Maps
So many sites have maps that are poor quality or overly busy. Here is a site that has maps you can download for free.
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Bible Maps - Then and Now
This is an app that shows maps of historic Bible cities and their contemporary equivalents. The video on the page shows one example of how the app works with Scripture.
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The Life & Times of Jesus of Nazareth
This article from Christianity Today is full of tid-bits about the ancient world of Jesus' day.
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Videos & Movies

Bible Project Curriculum
Visual storytelling meets the Bible.
The "Bible Project produces short-form, fully animated videos to make the biblical story accessible."
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Fish Flix
Christian movies, DVDs and Blu-Ray.
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Horrible Histories: Nero Uses Christians As Candles..."
Search Youtube for Horrible Histories Romans videos. There are a number on ancient Rome - Roman food, army, manners - Nero... The videos are short (about 3 minutes) and funny in an off-...way. Not appropriate for younger children.
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Right Now Ministries
A customizable video library - the "Netflix of Christian Bible study". Also offers conferences and retreats.
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Virtual Tours

There are a number of apps that can be downloaded so you can see where Jesus walked, or what Jerusalem looked like in biblical days. Here are a few that I have found.

Architip App
Want to see what the ancient Greeks, Romans, Mayans or Israelites saw? Download their app. You can look at the today's "old city of Jerusalem" and, superimposed on it, see the second Temple. Check it out.
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City of David
This website offers a number of interactive maps and views.
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Virtual World Project
This project features virtual tous of no less than 106 sites. You can walk through the fortress of Masada, the ruins of Qumran, the ancient of Petra. Well worth it!
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Visit Jesus' Jerusalem with Virtual New Testament App
the Virtual New Testament app, available in different formats for different phones and tables, allows you to experience Jerusalem at the time of Jesus. It's great!
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History Games

BBC History for Kids
This site has a number of games such as a Mummy Maker and Pyramid Challenge and Death in Rome, where you become a Roman sleuth trying to solve a murder mystery.
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PBS: The Roman Empire in the First Century.
This site has video clips, games and information to bring the first century Roman Empire alive for youth.
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Skits & Intergenerational Material

Does anyone have sites they could recommend that have skits or inter-generational resources?

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