picture of Cheryl 
					in 2019


I am a dual-national: American-Canadian. My parents came from Ohio; I was born in Montréal (Québec). I am also the only Canadian in my family. My parents believed it was important that I learned about the U.S. before deciding on citizen. We travelled extensively across the country every summer when I was growing up, and later I attended an American university, but returned home to Montréal where I lived until politics and cold winters led to me moving to Ontario in 1978. In 2015, I settled in Prescott.

Even though I was raised in Québec, I discovered I did not fit in with either the Anglo or French-Québec communities there; I was too American. In the States, I discovered I didn't fit in there either; I was too Canadian!

Without my knowing it, those experienced introducced me multiculturalism. My interest is exploring how people from different cultures communicate and negotiate shared spaces, and how religions change as they spread across cultures.



Among my degrees:
- B.A. in French Literature from Vassar College;
- M.A. in Religion & Culture from Wilfrid Laurier University;
- M.Div. from Knox College/Toronto School of Theology / University of Toronto;
- Ph.D. in Religious Studies from University of Ottawa.
I also have certificates from the Centre for Jewish-Christian Relations (UK); Ryerson University and Sheridan College.

My doctoral thesis explored what was happening in northern Anglican congregations in the aftermath of residential schools and the church apology. Had anything changed? What was the current relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples? I discovered that, despite considerable goodwill and lingering racist tendencies, cultural differences continue to challenge that relationship.



My work background is eclectic. I have taught a variety of courses (World Religions, Indigenous studies, Global Studies, and Business English) at different colleges and universities; worked as Administrator, database designer and branch webmaster at Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) in Mississauga; and served as Youth Ministry Co-ordinator in an Anglican Church before moving to Prescott and returning to Presbyterian ministry.

Currently, I am Presbytery Ministry Animator for the Presbyteries of Ottawa and Seaway-Glengarry, and Minister for the Pastoral charge of Avonmore-Finch-Gravel Hill in Seaway-Glengarry. I am still an Adjunct Professor at UOttawa, though I haven't taught there recently.