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I became seriously interested in genealogy in 1987 after my mother died and I was left with pictures of unknown and unidentified relatives.

That started me going to Ohio, where my family roots were, and just asking relatives I knew to identify the pictures. Some of those relatives were very interested in genealogy and had spent years tracing various family trees. They gave me the information and I started posting it online. I also started researching the Gaver family tree and eventually published a book on it.

Of course, life intervened and my genealogical work got put on the back-burner ... until now.

I'm taking the information I have - plus photos (eventually) and uploading it. The information is organized by family name and generation. Each family has (or will have) its own home page where I identify where that information comes from, as well as providing a starting point for that particular branch.

This is a work in progress. Once a branch is finished, that branch's home page will be "tidied up". Until then, some of the menu links will not work - the branch has been identified but not uploaded yet.

Please bear with me. You can email me with corrections, additions, and questions. My contact info is: